The Ebb and Flow of a Swollen Amazon Tributary

Biking The Amazon

Polish Brothers bike the Amazon

Polish brothers Dawid and Hubert have now converted their bicycles into floating paddle ones and are on a tributary of the Amazon called the Ucayali in Peru.  The river is running very full and nearly swept them away at their campsite.  They also played tango with a serious 100-foot-diameter whirlpool.  They paid tribute at the site in an Ashkaninka Indian village where a Polish kayaking couple had been murdered by the Indians in 2011.  They have now made it as far as Pullcapla, Peru.

The journey can be vaguely followed through their homepage, but at the time of writing it was out-of-date.  Stay tuned with The Best Quest for the latest updates.

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Photo courtesy of Hubert Kisinski, all rights reserved.

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