Polish Brothers bike the Amazon

The Ebb and Flow of a Swollen Amazon Tributary

Polish brothers Dawid and Hubert have now converted their bicycles into floating paddle ones and […]

John overlooking melting ice caps

Race Against the Melting Snow

The Latest Three weeks since the last update, Jon and Arjun have since arrived to […]

Arctic Gurkha, Polar Bear, Canada, Arctic

Facing Off with Blizzards, Polar Bear Tracks and Strong Winds

The Latest For the past month and a half, Jon and Arjun have been pulling […]

Into the Okavango Expedition

Deep Channels of Pythons, Possible Crocs and A Leopardess

The Latest After finding the “bubbling” source of the Cuito River, the team proceeded downstream […]

Team kayaks off waterfalls in South Africa

Team Kayaks Off Waterfalls in South Africa

            The Latest The team explored the Transkei province of […]

circumnavigation of South America

Hoffmeister Enjoys Calm Seas, Paradisiacal Beaches for a Change

          The Latest For Hoffmeister, currently paddling south on a stretch […]

Kayaker survives raging slot canyon in Papua New Guinea

Kayaker Survives Raging Slot Canyon in Papua New Guinea

            The Latest Dan McKay just slightly missed the last […]

Maine to Guatemala Kayaking Grandmother

Maine to Guatemala Kayaking Grandmother Encounters Bear

  The Latest Kayaking grandmother Deb Walters makes it to the half-way point in her […]

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