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Access Water Ganges River Expedition Finishes

All Female Ganges River Expedition Comes to an End

Access Water, an all-female expedition traveling the Ganges River of India to raise awareness about […]

Polish Brothers bike the Amazon

The Ebb and Flow of a Swollen Amazon Tributary

Polish brothers Dawid and Hubert have now converted their bicycles into floating paddle ones and […]

Journalist Saloped Makes it into Azerbaijan

Salopek Enters Azerbaijan with a Mountaineer/Dog Whisperer

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Paul Salopek, on a 7-year walking journey to follow the worldwide […]

John overlooking melting ice caps

Race Against the Melting Snow

The Latest Three weeks since the last update, Jon and Arjun have since arrived to […]

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Cycling Adventure

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan: Colorful Vistas and Colorful Characters

The Latest This segment of Fabes’ epic journey began on the picturesque shores of Sayram […]

Arctic Gurkha, Polar Bear, Canada, Arctic

Facing Off with Blizzards, Polar Bear Tracks and Strong Winds

The Latest For the past month and a half, Jon and Arjun have been pulling […]

Into the Okavango Expedition

Deep Channels of Pythons, Possible Crocs and A Leopardess

The Latest After finding the “bubbling” source of the Cuito River, the team proceeded downstream […]

Pacific Crest Trail in winter

First Recorded Completion of Pacific Crest Trail in Winter

          The Latest ‘Pepper’ and ‘Trauma’ have successfully completed the Pacific […]

Around 7 Continents

Cyclist in Mongolian Winter Forced to Improvise After Stove Failure

            The Latest Joubert has been dealing with snow and […]

Out of Eden Walk

Salopek Crosses Eastern Turkey Pondering Questions of Genocide

            The Latest Salopek walks his way across eastern Turkey […]

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