Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan: Colorful Vistas and Colorful Characters

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Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Cycling Adventure

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This segment of Fabes’ epic journey began on the picturesque shores of Sayram Lake in Xinjiang, China, where white capped mountains and wild flowers dominate the landscape. A treacherous overpass connecting to tunnels and suspension bridges eventually led Fabes out across the Chinese border, the gateway to Central Asia.

The bare trees, sheets of snow, and the brown so often present in Mongolia and wintery  China gave way to the emergence of the stunning, bright green of Kazakhstan. The Kazakh portion of his journey seemed to be filled with a mélange of color contrasts of vivid wildflowers, varying hues of mountains, whirlwinds and dust, and foreboding clouds and thunderstorms. This is not to mention, as is often the case with Fabes, the ‘colorful’ interactions with the local people.

As Fabes neared the crossing point between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan he cycled along the stunning pink rock shelves of the Sharyn River Canyon, before climbing the Kokpek gorge and reaching 2000 m (6562 ft) altitude.

Once in Kyrgyzstan Fabes was greeted with lush rolling hills and pines. A heavy bike, a newly recovered knee, and hills made the path grueling. Though he profusely refused, two extremely hospitable horsemen insisted on towing his bicycle. On his final note, he had made it into the town of Karakol, where his greatest memory was coming face to face with a pizza that seemed like “heaven”.


The Journey

Steve Fabes is on a journey to cycle across 6 continents while visiting remote medical clinics, gathering information and generating publicity on neglected tropical diseases. At the time of his latest blog he had cycled about 76,745 km and visited 59 countries.

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All photos courtesy of Steve Fabes and the Cycling the 6 Expedition, all rights reserved.

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