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Greg Michael - Founder of The Best Quest

The Best Quest was created by travel addict Greg Michaels. Greg’s interest in exploration started in college, when he was hired to work on NASA’s Magellan mission to Venus and later on Mars mission research.

Greg became fascinated with the possibilities of off-the-beaten path travel here on Earth, too. After college, he moved to Taiwan, became fluent in Mandarin, and started exploring the remote corners of most countries in Asia.

It was not long before Greg started leading tours for the Imaginative Traveller in China and Japan. His travels have taken him to 60 countries, and he has lived for extended periods of time in China, Russia, Taiwan, Japan and Germany. He has worked as a geophysicist in Azerbaijan, Brazil, Alaska, Canada and India.

Greg is an expert on travel in Asia, and loves sharing the spirit of travel, quests and adventures with other travelers looking for an experience off the beaten path.

In The News

Outside Magazine – Profile of Greg Michaels and Confluence Hunting

This article details Greg’s life of exploration through the lens of his worldwide adventures in seeking “confluences.” Confluences are seemingly random locations at the intersection of whole number latitude and longitude, and the world quest for these is tracked by the  Degree Confluence Project. The story follows him to the highest confluence in the western hemisphere, in Bolivia’s altiplano region.

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