Cyclist in Mongolian Winter Forced to Improvise After Stove Failure

Around 7 Continents Expedition

Around 7 Continents

Joubert grabbed by an eagle’s talons in the Siberian Altai, Russia.

Joubert’s tent and bicycle







The Latest

Joubert has been dealing with snow and progressively colder temperatures since starting across Kazakhstan. He would often find himself in temperatures between –20°C (-4°F) and –30°C(-22°F) . On December 22nd a failure occurred which would have repercussions well into February – his MSR stove’s fuel pump broke. The consequence was that he was unable to melt snow to make water and suffered dehydration as a result.

He improvised with a makeshift alcohol stove in Semey, Kazakhstan until Siberia where he waited in Barnaul, Russia for a few weeks to receive delivery of two new stoves, one being a backup. Nevertheless, just a little down the road both of them broke. Out of a stove again and with his visa soon to expire, he made his way to Mongolia improvising with burning firewood as a heat source. However, Mongolia gave way to steppe and an absence of trees. After struggling and several close calls with extreme cold in Ulgii, Mongolia, he took a bus to Ulaanbaatar to get another stove, this time an ATG one. He is now back on track crossing western Mongolia.


At a Mongolian road stop. The temp at this time was -27°C (-17°F)

A roadside meal with locals inside a Mongolian ger (yurt).







The Journey

South African, De Bruyn Joubert, is cycling across the world’s seven continents, eventually including Antarctica, through all climates and conditions, for 85,000 km and through 70 countries for five years.

You can visit his blog here, see even more frequent updates on his Facebook page, and visit his website here.

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The mountains of Altai, Siberia, Russia.

Joubert said there were many great sunrises and sunsets in Kazakhstan






With snow unmeltable, Joubert had to smash through thick ice.

Packing up in the cold.







A camel on the Mongolian steppe showing the absence of trees.

This fox will be eaten for it’s meat and the fur used for hats. Mongolia.







All photos by De Bruyn Joubert, all rights reserved.

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