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Trips, not toursThe Best Quest is an entirely new approach to exploring the world through tourism. In fact, we like to think of it more as ‘exploration’ rather than ‘tourism’. In the same spirit that founder, Greg Michaels, has been finding adventure through seeking seemingly random confluence points (seeĀ About the Founder), we at EarthCubed feel that travel is more about the journey than the destination.

Our approach to trips is to follow long-forgotten paths such as those of explorers and conquerors, geographic features (such as the Yangtze River), and other information, no matter how obscure, which will send us on a quest. In other words, we see more off-the-beaten-path places because we do not design our tours as many others do, by ‘connecting the dots’ to visit only the trendiest destinations. We aim to make journeys as quest-like as possible, because it’s fun, and it is the spirit we want to capture in travel.

We also strive to make your travel a unique collection of experiences. They are often an off-the-beaten-path venture into local, rarely-seen and unknown areas. We strive to have travelers experience a journey they can remember for the rest of their lives and would even have appeal if written into a story. Instead of focusing on the main tourist sites and souvenir shops, we also hope you leave the tour with an insider’s perspective on the country, the people and the places.

Though the off-the-beaten-path nature brings a much desired aspect of adventure and ‘roughing-it’ into the travel, you can be assured that journeys are comfortable, safe, enjoyable and fun. Though occasionally we leave civilization for a few days at a time, in remote regions as well as in cities, we strive to make the journey as comfortable and safe as possible, and we have high standards of hotels, food and transport.

The journeys are accompanied by well-trained guides with years of experience. Many of us have spent years leading tours in China, and have already developed a positive rapport with local people and the service industry. As a company, we have had long-lasting contacts and connections, important for doing business in China, so that you can be assured that tours run smoothly.

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