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Voies Recyclables

Polish Hospitality and Six Months on the Road

Date: August 30, 2022
Approximate GPS Location: (50.4°N, 20.88°E)

French couple Brewenn Hélary and Léa Schiettecatte have continued to cycle down from the Baltic towards southern Europe, entering Poland early in August.

They have sometimes been camping but are staying with hosts when they can. In Poland, they found this difficult as it is not peak season for cycle tourers, so few hosts were available. However, they were able to stay with at least one host family where they enjoyed a hearty dinner and then joined the family for an evening around the fire.

In Poland, they also passed a major milestone: six months on the road. They report a few body aches but no regrets!

After passing through eastern Poland the pair are approaching Slovakia along the Dunajec River.


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Voies Recyclables

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