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Voies Recyclables

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Voies Recyclables

Nearing the Finish Line

Date: May 22, 2023
Approximate GPS Location: (40.36°N, 16.82°E)

Hélary and Schiettecatte are rapidly approaching the end of their long cycle tour through Europe. Leaving the beautiful landscapes of Slovenia they rode into Italy, with Venice their first stop.

They spent a few days walking around Venice, admiring the architecture and watching the boat traffic along the Grand Canal. After Venice it was on to Burano, an island a short one-hour boat ride away, famous for multi-colored houses.

Back on the mainland they rode towards Rome, the final capital city of their journey. They followed the Via Francigena through Tuscany to get there, a bicycle/walking route away from main roads that “wanders between small villages.”

They arrived in Rome at the end of April and then hit the south Italian coast in rainy weather. Along the way, they rode through a number of incredible villages perched high on hills, like Matera and the abandoned town of Craco.

The pair plan to finish their ride on May 27 in Iffendic, France.


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Voies Recyclables

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