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Greece’s Historical Riches

Date: February 13, 2023
Approximate GPS Location: (38.48°N, 22.50°E)

After Crete, Hélary and Schiettecatte made their first pedal strokes on the Greek mainland. It was immediately back to hill climbs for the pair, mixed with more world-class tourist sights and historical ruins.

First, they visited Monemvasia, a town built into the rock and surrounded by sea. Next, it was on to Epidaurus, famous for an immaculately preserved amphitheater with a stunning view of the mountains. Along the way to Epidaurus, they also crossed paths with two other long-distance cyclists. Also from Brittany, the other couple had left on their own European tour at roughly the same time, only bumping into Hélary and Schiettecatte 10 months later!

Continuing along the Greek coast, they enjoyed “impressive mountains, heavenly beaches, and always sunny weather.” The next stop was a major one, Athens. They enjoyed exploring the Acropolis before moving on over a high pass to yet another historical marvel, the ruins of the temple of Delphi.


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Voies Recyclables

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