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Voies Recyclables

A Zero-Waste Journey Around Europe

Date: August 05, 2022
Approximate GPS Location: (60.45°N, 22.26°E)

French couple Brewenn Hélary and Léa Schiettecatte are committed to a zero-waste expedition around Europe. They are traveling by bicycle and should stack up 9,300mi (15,000km) by the end of their journey.

The pair set off in February from their home in France, first heading north into Belgium, before crossing into Germany and then the Czech Republic. This initial stage involved 1,700mi (2,700km) and they alternated camping and staying with local hosts.

On May 25, they celebrated 100 days on the road as they approached Lithuania. There, they worked their way up the coast, which they described as magical with “dense forest, giant dunes, and heavenly beaches.”

Most recently they’ve been exploring the Turku archipelago, a web of 20,000 islands and waterways in southern Finland. They’ve been taking boats to hop between the islands that are “dotted with typical wooden homes.” They are enjoying their last few days on the Baltic Sea before heading off inland and turning south.


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