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Deux Pas Ver L'Autre

A Surprise Companion in Croatia

Date: January 19, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (45.10°N, 14.59°E)

Marie and Nil have continued to make their way along the Via Dinarica trail in Croatia. For three days they were joined by a surprise new companion. A friendly shepherd dog, that they named Cerna (black in Croatian), decided he would like to join their adventure. He followed them out of a village and stayed with Marie and Nil until the trail became too difficult. At this point, they were forced to find a nearby village and try to find his owner. Thanks to the power of social media, Cerna was soon reunited with his family.

On January 13 they had a rather strange experience in the village of Jasenak. Locals called the police thinking that Marie and Nil might be illegal migrants. A quick passport check and they were back on their way.

Next, the pair headed down to the Croatian coast and were treated to their first sight of the sea in almost six months. They spent some time in the coastal town of Senj before taking a ferry to the Adriatic island of Krk. They have elected to camp on the small forested island for a few days while they await their next guest.




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