Two Steps Towards Others
Two Steps Towards Others

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Deux Pas Ver L'Autre

Small Towns and Famous Musicians in Montenegro

Date: May 05, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (42.90°N, 19.60°E)

Marie and Nil's first night in Montenegro featured a whole bottle of Rakija (fruit brandy) with a hospitable local man named Milan. “Dead drunk and happy,” they slept well and moved onwards through Durmitor National Park the next day.

They approached the small town of Žabljak where they had been recommended a place to stay. Unfortunately, it was not yet open, but upon hearing how far they'd come the kind hosts opened up a cottage for them.

Pushing on, they passed through the town of Šavnik and elected to take a detour from their planned route. The pair headed up to Lake Kapetanovo and then through Mrtvica Canyon. The lake was still frozen and the surrounding houses abandoned, Marie and Nil guessed that it probably wouldn't be inhabited again until the summer and the return of the shepherds. The canyon was similarly deserted, but it was a relief to descend from the snow-covered mountains.

Having climbed back down to civilization, Marie and Nil arrived in the city of Mojkovac. Here they stayed in the house of Mileta, a famous local musician. Mileta is renowned for his mastery of the gusle, the traditional single-chord instrument of Montenegro.

As they passed through areas with little network coverage, Marie and Nil were largely silent on social media over the last week. On May 5 they checked back in and reported that they had crossed a second national park, Biogradska Gora.




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