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Deux Pas Ver L'Autre

Slovenian Hospitality and Guest Number 13

Date: December 06, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (46.36°N, 14.09°E)

Entering Slovenia on November 24, Marie and Nil made their way down from the Sella Nevea pass towards the mountain town of Bovec.

In Bovec, they were lucky enough to befriend a local. Anja Kavčič served as their expert guide and treated them to their first proper Slovenian dinner.

From Bovec, Anja accompanied them for the beginning of their onward journey, along the Soča river towards Ljubljana. Once Anja had headed home, Marie and Nil were joined by their 13th guest for the entire next week. Paul Clement had suffered a serious accident 11 years ago and had been informed by doctors that he might never walk again. Having fought his way back to health he was keen to join their adventure. Paul proved more than capable of keeping up and the group headed further up into the mountains before descending down to the shores of Lake Bled for a well-earned rest day.


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