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Deux Pas Vers L'Autre

Mountains, Ancient Ruins and a Return to the Sea

Date: September 20, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (39.12°N, 23.68°E)

Marie and Nil have continued through the Greek countryside, heading south-east towards the coast. On their way, they couldn't resist a detour to climb Mount Giona in Phocis, Central Greece. Mount Giona rises to over 8,000ft, making it the fifth-highest in the country. The weather was much better than during Nil's climb of Mount Olympus but they were disappointed to find quite a lot of rubbish along the route, seemingly left by shepherds and hunters.

Their next destination would be the historical town of Delphi. They explored the archaeological site both on foot and from the skies, using their drone.

From Delphi, the pair headed to the coastal town of Agios Konstantinos. After so long in the mountains, it was a nice change of pace to relax on the beach. On September 12, Nil turned 33. To celebrate they took a ferry over to the little island of Skopelos, part of the Sporades islands archipelago. The tourist season was winding down and the pair had the beaches largely to themselves.

Back on the mainland, they are now heading along the coast, happily meandering between orchards and small villages.




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