Two Steps Towards Others

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Deux Pas Vers L'Autre

Greece to Bulgaria Across the Plains

Date: November 06, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (41.84°N, 23.48°E)

Having survived a scare last month, Marie and Nil left the Pierian Mountains and headed towards the Bulgarian border. Their route took them across a huge flat area of Greece near Thessaloniki. The flat terrain proved both boring on the eye and a very real pain in the legs! “To walk on the flat is to set foot systematically in the same position…and that’s how wounds, blisters and back pain appears,” they explained in a recent post.

Near to the border, they stayed with an orthodox monk and a visiting family. The family had arrived to pray at the local church. Their child had recently emerged from a serious coma and they wanted to offer thanks. Marie and Nil enjoyed their company and appreciated one last opportunity to experience Greek hospitality.

Their last experience of the country would be Lake Kerkini. The lake was created by a melting glacier and is home to a huge variety of wildlife. They spotted water buffalo and pelicans, but unfortunately also a lot of trash left by fishermen.

Entering Bulgaria, Maire and Nil were joined by a new guest, Maya. Together, they entered the Pirin National Park and headed for the town of Bankso. It was an intense week of hiking as the weather started to turn, autumn leaves made for beautiful views and the temperatures dropped. After a stiflingly hot summer they were relieved to be in cooler climes.




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