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Deux Pas Ver L'Autre

Back to Albania After a Fright in Macedonia

Date: July 06, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (40.50°N, 20.22°E)

After waving goodbye to Nil's brother, Noé, Marie and Nil were ready for their next guest. Jesse is guest number eight for their expedition and had already joined them last summer to hike through the Alps. This time Jesse would accompany them for most of their time in Macedonia as they headed east along the shores of Lake Ohrid.

The trio has hiked through some spectacular scenery, including the Mavrovo National Park. Villages were largely abandoned but there was plenty of wildlife, they even spotted some bear prints on the trail.

However, it wasn't bears that provided what they described as “the scariest minutes of our trip,” but rather dogs. While camping near to a shepherd's hut a group of eight large sheepdogs encircled them. These dogs are trained to protect their flock and had obviously decided Marie, Nil and Jesse might be a threat. Nil picked up a stick for protection but this only made the dogs more aggressive. Wisely, they decided to retreat into their tent and hope that the dogs would move off. Thankfully, a shepherd soon arrived and called the dogs off.

Marie and Nil had elected to cut their time in Macedonia short so they could head back to Albania and meet up with Ashley and Quintin, two long-distance travellers crossing Europe on horseback. They crossed back over the border and managed to meet up near to Guri I Kajmes, a towering natural rock formation in the Lake Ohrid region of Albania.

Marie and Nil are now crossing through southern Albania in extremely hot weather, stopping to cool off in every stream, lake and waterfall they can find!




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