Two Steps Towards Others
Two Steps Towards Others

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Deux Pas Ver L'Autre

A Heatwave in Albania

Date: July 19, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (40.06°N, 20.11°E)

The extreme heat has continued for Marie and Nil as they cross southern Albania. Near the town of Çorovodë, they climbed down into Osumi Canyon to shelter from the afternoon sun. They took a break to swim and cool off for a few hours and met some young Albanians in the process.

From the canyon they continued to hike from village to village, taking on loads of water and trying to avoid the worst of the heat. In the village of Prishtë, they struggled to find anywhere to camp due to sloping streets but were kindly invited to stay by a local family. This was yet another example of the incredible hospitality they've found across Albania.

By mid-July, Marie and Nil were working their way into the mountains of the Zagoria region. The weather is still uncomfortably hot and they have found little in the way of shade. On July 11, finding nowhere to rest during the middle of the day, they pushed on. It proved a dangerous gamble. The pair were struck down with a nasty case of sunstroke and have been forced to take an extended break in the city of Gjirokaster to fully recover.




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