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Mike O'Shea

From Morocco to the Center of Africa

Date: March 28, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (28.30°N, 12.64°W)

Mike is back at it for the first time since December 2016! After having successfully reached the poles of inaccessibility for North and South America, he is now on his way to arguably one of the most challenging ones, Africa. With travel partner, David Gleeson, they have driven a Range Rover from their home in Ireland to Morocco, making a stop in Casablanca. They have since made it to the border and will soon cross into Western Sahara.

The African pole of inaccessibility is located in the Central African Republic near South Sudan and Congo. It's 1100 miles from the coast and will require trekking jungles and passing through very unstable regions. The two plan to continue onward to Cape Town, South Africa.


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