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Mike O'Shea

Duo Reaches Southernmost Tip of Africa

Date: May 09, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (34.83°S, 19.99°E)

After considerable headache and hardship, O'Shea and Gleeson and their vehicle, 'Betsy', have made it to the southernmost tip of Africa, south of Cape Town.

The apex of their recent difficulty was in the region of the Democratic Republic of Congo and north Angola. They plotted a course between villages that was basically absent of roads.

Mike reports that the 'elephant grass' was so high that often they could not see where they were going or what they were driving over. Often many of the small roads just come to an end.

Sometimes there were 3-ft deep potholes, and once, after driving into one, they blew a shock absorber. Fortunately, with makeshift techniques, they were able to repair it. Perhaps even more memorable, after finding out that a gas station in a small village was closed, Mike went to sleep beside their vehicle. He was startingly woken by the service attendant pointing a "sub machine" gun at his head.

We're not quite sure why the objective changed from the Pole of Inaccessibility, which should be in the Central African Republic, to the southernmost point. We are also not sure if their next objective will be the Pole of Inaccessibility or if they have given up on that goal. The expedition will come to a close on our site pending new information.


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