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Arnaud Maldague

Seven-Month Amazon Crossing Complete, Maldague Heads into the Andes

Date: November 13, 2023
Approximate GPS Location: (14.07°W, 70.42°S)

In October, after seven months of paddling, Maldague made it to Rio Branco. Soon after, on November 1, he crossed the border into Peru by bicycle, exactly 10 months and one day after he entered Brazil.

"Thanks a lot to everyone I met here in Brazil and made this expedition possible. Thanks for the coffee, drinks, and meals shared along the river, the fish you gave me, for hosting me in your communities, and most of all for your smiles and respect," Maldague wrote on social media.

In Peru, Maldague is heading south. He's covered 466 miles from Rio Branco already but still has a whopping 1,300+ miles to go to San Miguel de Tucuman.

To begin with, Peru was extremely hot, but as Maldague climbed into the Andes the temperatures became much more pleasant. It took three days of almost constant altitude gain for him the reach the city of Macusani at 4,300m (14,000ft). Unfortunately, his bike didn't quite make it in one piece, just outside the city a spoke broke off, caught his derailleur, and effectively exploded. He'll now need to find some spare bike parts before he can continue.


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