The Manneken Trip

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Arnaud Maldague

Maldague Crosses Mexico; In Belize for Caribbean Sailing Leg

Date: February 10, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (18.52°N, 88.32°W)

Last we had reported, on January 21, Maldague was in San Luis Potosi in north-central Mexico. He has continued cycling through Mexico taking in beauty that was a "real wonder" as well as a large variety of climatic regions.

He visited the ancient, pre-Colombian cities of El Tajin and Palenke. He also took time out to climb Pico de Orizaba, at 18,491 ft, Mexico's highest peak. He cycled 13 miles up the mountain and then began at 3AM to climb the remainder of the peak. He said that dealing with the altitude was "quite a challenge".

Once into the more central Gulf regions, the terrain became flat and Maldague said he made really good time across the country.

Finally, on February 8, he crossed into Belize. The cycling portion of his journey has come to an end and he is preparing to begin the sailing leg. He says he is currently 'looking' for a sailboat. In the next phase of the journey, he will sail from Belize, along the coast, to the country of Guyana.


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The Manneken Trip

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