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Arnaud Maldague

After 18 months, Maldague Might Soon Be on the Move

Date: June 28, 2022
Approximate GPS Location: (16.22°N, 61.37°W)

Arnaud Maldague’s quest has been stalled in the Caribbean since early November 2020. The Caribbean island nations have slowly been opening back up, but Maldague’s social media had nevertheless remained silent for the last six months.

On June 10, he announced that he has not given up on his human-powered journey from the Arctic to the tip of South America. Maldague is currently anchored off Guadeloupe and has been training to get ready to continue his quest.

To get back in shape he has toured the island, on foot and by bicycle. He began by cycling 60km (37mi) from Sainte-Anne to Grande Anse, where he had previously been moored nearly two years ago. From there, he cycled another 60km (37mi) to the start of a hike at La Souffrière, Guadeloupe's highest peak at 1,467m (4813ft). The hike took three hours but he was unlucky with the weather and found the peak wrapped in mist and clouds.

After his hike, he cycled another 60km (37mi) and then completed his tour the next day with a short 38km (24mi) ride back to his boat in Sainte-Anne. “This concluded my Guadeloupe training and I'm now preparing to sail towards Dominica,” he wrote.


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