The Manneken Trip
The Manneken Trip

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Arnaud Maldague

A short respite while hopping Caribbean island nations

Date: September 30, 2020
Approximate GPS Location: (15.85°N, 61.61°W)

Having reached Guadeloupe, Maldague took a few days off while storms raged in the Atlantic. Once he was sure it was safe to continue, he sailed on to Les Saintes, a collection of tiny but beautiful islands that are a dependency of Guadeloupe.

It was a short journey south. Hurricane Teddy, one of the storms out in the Atlantic, meant that there was very little wind to harness. As a result, Maldague will now wait for a new weather window before moving on.

He plans to sail on to the island of Martinique when the weather co-operates, he hopes this might be as early as Sunday.


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The Manneken Trip

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March 20, 2020 // The Manneken Trip
The Manneken Trip

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The Manneken Trip

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The Manneken Trip

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