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Hardest Geezer / Russ Cook

Pure Violence From Both Ends But Cook Into Cameroon

Date: October 10, 2023
Approximate GPS Location: (4.27°S, 15.27°E)

Continuing through the Congo, Cook averaged around 37 miles per day, despite some extreme heat, "a boat-load of humidity" and a fair bit of elevation gain.

Cook crossed into the Republic of the Congo in Brazzaville and found that country just as hospitable as the DRC: "Hosted by a beautiful local family last night. Welcomed us in and cooked us an amazing dinner. Had a roar off with a 3-year-old. She won. Maximum ferociousness. The people here in the Republic of Congo have been amazing."

While running (mostly through the rain, as the Congo is entering rainy season) Cook even found time to rescue a baby crocodile that he named Nigel. They set him free once they found some suitable-looking habitat.

In early October he crossed into Cameroon, the sixth country of his expedition, with 10 more still to go. Soon after, he got food poisoning but soldiered on regardless. "What a game. The first day was pure violence from both ends. Getting as much progress on the road as possible," he wrote.

Now over the illness, Cook is approaching the capital of Yaonde, which he should reach in the next few days.


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