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Hardest Geezer / Russ Cook

Injuries Mount With Thousands of Miles To Go

Date: December 12, 2023
Approximate GPS Location: (5.74°S, 0.17°W)

As well as injuries, Cook now has the flu. His litany of health issues have forced a couple of days off and a slightly slower pace, but he is still banging out around 50km (31 miles) on most days.

On November 21 he crossed from Nigeria into Benin. “I’m a shell of a man at the moment, “ he wrote. The team needed some new visas while in Benin, giving him time to take a couple of days off. “I look in the mirror I see a few things have changed in the last 211 days. Head is a jungle. Body is a wafer-thin slice of Tesco value ham,” he wrote recently.

Back to the grind, Cook crossed into Ghana roughly two weeks later. He seems a fan of the country, writing that it “feels like one of the most hospitable and safe countries I’ve been to on the continent so far.” However, he admits that it can be hard to properly take things in when he is so focused on covering his daily distance targets.

With about 7,000km (4,350 miles) still to go, Cook is covering a little less distance per day than he’d like. He hopes to get back up to 60km (37 mile) days soon.


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Hardest Geezer

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