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Hardest Geezer / Russ Cook

Daily Ultra-Marathons and Robberies, Cook Arrives in the Congo

Date: September 25, 2023
Approximate GPS Location: (4.27°S, 15.26°E)

Russ Cook, self-styled 'Hardest Geezer', has set out on a unique quest. Cook wants to run the entire length of the African continent, starting at the tip of South Africa and finishing on the cusp of Europe on the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia.

Earlier this year, he set off with only 10% of the funding he needed secured, running from the Cape of Good Hope up the western cape of South Africa to Namibia. Only 14 days in, Cook and his support team following him in a van, were targeted in an attempted robbery. Two weeks later it happened again. It took over a month, largely on one road, for him to run through Namibia before eventually crossing into Angola.

There, on day 64 their luck ran out. Armed criminals stopped them and relieved them of passports, camera equipment, and money. This stopped Cook in his tracks for some time as they needed new passports, visas, and to restock their equipment. Eventually back on the move, the team was joined by a police escort for the rest of their journey through the country.

Entering the Republic of the Congo, Cook is enjoying the atmosphere. "Body is starting to kick back into gear now. Last few months have been frustrating progress wise but I can feel an uninterrupted bit of monster mileage is upon us. [I have] shaken off the previous injuries and sorted the last logistical problems yesterday in Brazzaville, so now it should just be me verses the open road. Vibes here in the Republic of Congo are superb. People have been very friendly. Marching choirs. Kick abouts with the lads," he wrote in a recent update.


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