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After Sweat Fest in West Africa, Cook Heading For the Sahara

Date: January 24, 2024
Approximate GPS Location: (14.40°N, 14.35°W)

After changing his plans and avoiding Mali, Russ Cook headed to Guinea. He has not been updating his social media much, explaining that the internet there is heavily restricted.

He's been enjoying a marginally cooler climate. "The humidity has dropped as we are heading north and getting closer to the Sahara, which has been magic. That four-month stint through the jungle and West Africa was just a permanent sweat fest," he wrote.

However, he has found it harder to find good, clean food in the country and suffered another round of food poisoning around New Year's Eve.

Last week, Cook entered Senegal, but there's a major problem that might stop him in his tracks: "Right girls and boys, we have a bit of a problem. We haven’t been able to get visas for Algeria, and if we don’t get them, then it’s game over for Project Africa."

Cook is hoping to find a solution and has called for his considerable social media following to help if they can. Whether anyone has a good connection with the Algerian government remains to be seen.


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