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Over the top of Australia and through Sydney

Date: December 09, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (28.33°S, 153.38°E)

The bright red SolarTuk has had an exciting first couple of weeks on the road. In late November the expedition made it “over the top of Australia” as they climbed from 1,106 ft in Khancoban to 5,184 ft at Dead Horse Gap. They were rewarded with beautiful views of snowy peaks and the surrounding forests, before rolling down towards the sea and Sydney.

Meeting the coast at Wollongong they took a quiet route over the Sea Cliff Bridge into the Sydney city center. After a few media opportunities, they were quickly on their way out again, travelling over the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge and motoring on to Newcastle. On route, they were forced to make a few detours to avoid the busy freeways. This led to their first “off-road” adventure along graveled roads. The tuk-tuk seemed to hold up, despite a few worrying rattles.

However, approaching their next major stop in Brisbane, the Solartuk's battery charger started to play up. After a couple of failed charges and some unplanned stops in out-of-the-way towns, they did manage to finally get going again with a fully-charged battery. The cause of the fault remains unknown and the team are keeping their fingers crossed that the issue has fixed itself!




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