Running the world 196
Running the world 196

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Nick Butter

Tough Decisions Ahead as Butter Suffers from Food Poisoning

Date: November 24, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (59.91°N, 10.75°E)

Following an “extra” marathon in New York, Butter was able to enjoy some time off in Paris and London while waiting for an appointment to sort his Russian visa. Butter estimates that he will have spent almost £12,000 on agency and visa fees by the end of his 196 marathons, and about 20 of the countries require special appointments in order to collect biometric data.

While in the UK he even managed to fit in a flying visit to his home village of Cranborne in Dorset, 6 hours and 45 minutes proving just enough time to enjoy a roast dinner with his family.

After his visa appointment, it was off to Switzerland for marathon 85. In Zurich, he ran 18km up into the surrounding mountains and was rewarded with spectacular views. It proved a cold run and Butter is steeling himself for colder to come, every one of his remaining marathons this year should be cold, with Russia bottoming out at 17.5°F.

Next up was a flying visit to the tiny country of Lichtenstein. He describes his visit as a “seemingly quick 5-hour jog,” and he was quickly on his way to Luxembourg for marathon 87. Butter's time in Luxembourg proved hectic, with an organized run with hundreds of school children, followed by a complete marathon and then a TV appearance – all in one day.

With no let up it was on to Denmark the very next day. In Copenhagen, a friend had organized another communal run with 170 participants. In a surprise for Butter, the medals given out to all the runners featured his face!

On day 320 of his trip Butter made the short journey from Copenhagen to Oslo, Norway. The route for marathon 89 took him north out of the city and around a beautiful lake. It snowed briefly but butter reports that he felt in good physical condition.

However, the very next day he was struck down by food poisoning. Butter believes a chicken burger may have been to blame. Unable to keep even liquids down, Butter must soon make a decision about whether he is able to make it to Sweden for his next marathon.


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