Running the World 196
Running the World 196

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Nick Butter

Toilet Pinball and Hurried Journeys

Date: April 17, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (38.56°N, 68.77°E)

Butter headed to Taipei, Taiwan for marathon number 128. He found he was running through a pet festival and dodging live bands plus crowds of locals. From the river bank, it was a sweaty climb to finish his 26.2 miles.

Butter had once again been joined by friends Andy and Dani. Their company almost came at a cost. The night before their onward flight to South Korea, Andy and Dani only made it to bed at 4.30am after a night out drinking. At 6.30am the alarm went off for their flight but both were dead to the world and had not packed. A frantic packing session then became more stressful as Butter realised he had miscalculated the distance to the airport; they were 45 minutes away rather than only 10! Fortunately, they made their flights by the skin of their teeth.

Marathon 129 in Seoul, South Korea, took Butter and Andy down a long stretch of river dotted with countless bridges. Butter enjoyed the city and an easy run before jetting off to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia the very next day. Here, they were greeted by a very different city, packed with traffic and pollution. Marathon 130 marked two-thirds of his runs complete and Butter rewarded himself with an adventurous route into the mountains and out of the smoggy city.

From Ulaanbaatar Butter flew on to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan while Dani and Andy headed off home to the UK. Butter was unfamiliar with Kyrgyzstan and seemed pleasantly surprised to be greeted by clear blue skies and much cleaner air! Unfortunately, a bout of travellers diarrhoea derailed his plans to run in a nearby national park. Instead, he played “bathroom pinball” around Bishkek and tried to avoid any accidents. Thirteen toilet stops later he was finished and thankfully he had avoided any embarrassing mishaps.

From Bishkek, he hopped over the border to Almaty, Kazakhstan where he was joined by his little brother for the first time on his quest. It seemed logical to run to the airport to collect him, so Butter carefully measured out a route. His calculations proved accurate and after 26.2 miles he was reunited with his brother.

A couple of days later they flew on to Dushanbe, Tajikistan. For marathon 133, the route was dull and the weather overcast, but Butter enjoyed being “lost in his own thoughts” and the day flew by.


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Running the World 196

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Running the World 196

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