Running the World 196
Running the World 196

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Nick Butter

Thailand, Myanmar Done; Eventful Run in Laos

Date: April 03, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (25.03°N, 121.57°E)

At 3:45 am on March 30, Butter took off around northern Phuket in Thailand for marathon number 125 of his quest. This marked his earliest start for a marathon. He had started early with good reason; as the sun came up the temperature and humidity soared. It proved a sweaty run with some demanding hills.

Butter enjoyed a couple of days off in Thailand before moving on to Yangon, Myanmar. Here he slogged his way through another “hot, sweaty, dusty” run as he did not have time to find a route outside of the city centre.

Next, he doubled back through Thailand on his way to Vientiane, Laos. Marathon number 127 proved quite eventful. Butter rose early and waited to meet Carlos, a representative from the British Embassy. As the sun came up and the heat started to build, Butter decided he best start on his own. Eventually, Carlos caught up on a moped and was able to belatedly join the run. In a race against time to make it back to the Embassy for a photo shoot and lunch, they weaved through dusty roads and around cows and dogs. Arriving only slightly late, Butter discussed Carlos' humanitarian work, including plans for a charity run from the north to south of Laos, roughly 1000 mi (1,600km).

Butter clearly enjoyed his time in Vientiane, only making it to bed at 2:00 am. This gave him exactly 50 minutes of sleep before he was back up to travel to the town of Vang Vieng a bit further north. Here he took some time out to explore the area and relax. Next up would be Taiwan.


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Running the World 196

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