Running The World
Running The World

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South African Close Encounters with Cheetah, Rhinos, Whales, Penguin, Elephants

Date: July 21, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (33.97°S, 23.89°E)

Butter rounds the Horn of Africa bagging countries South Africa and Lesotho. During this passage he did get some scheduled, but much needed R&R. This presented a lot interesting opportunities for seeing fantastic African wildlife along with kayaking and cycling.

After his near-freezing run in Namibia, described in the last update, he had a very close encounter with a cheetah (watch his shocking encounter in the video), and also with a rhino.

Of Lesotho, he said his marathon run was isolated across beautiful countryside, with temps in the high 30's F, that the "mountains were vast and the hills were long" and the landscape consisted of beautiful oranges and browns, without towns but with small farms, herding animals and shepherds.

During his R&R days he racked up 1200 miles crossing South Africa in his rental car, including a cross-country swath from Lesotho to Cape Town and then along the coast.

The remaining two videos are reported by Butter himself live from each of his runs in Lesotho and South Africa.


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