Running the world 196
Running the world 196

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Nick Butter

Butter Closes in on 100 Marathons

Date: November 06, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (40.71°N, 74.00°W)

After marathon number 80 in Dublin, Butter's progress was temporarily derailed by a family emergency that necessitated a brief detour back to the UK. This meant missing out on his planned marathon in Romania. Therefore, Romania was added to a short list of countries that Butter has been forced to skip. He will need to return to Niger, Mali, Chad, Angola, and now Romania, at a later date.

On day 291 it was back to business for Butter, flying to Malta for marathon 81. Butter flew to the small island nation and ran his marathon the same day, and in a blink of an eye, it was on to the next one in Zagreb, Croatia. Here he ran with a friend he had met some 10 months earlier in Miami. The pair circled a lake with only fishermen for company, in sunny but cold conditions.

Next up was Belgium, where Butter was surprised to be able to join 1700 runners for the official Brussels marathon. Rain and temperatures as low as 39°F made for a rather grim run, but Butter enjoyed the company of some friends and was able to finish up and immediately hop on a train to the Netherlands. In Amsterdam he completed marathon number 84 decked out in a rain-poncho, running alongside and over the famous canals most of the way.

Butter is trying to complete all the major world marathons on top of a marathon in each country, and so it was back to the USA on day 299. He enjoyed some Halloween celebrations in New York before joining the official marathon on day 303 of his quest.


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Running the World 196

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Running the World 196

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