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Nick Butter

Bloodied, Bruised, Bungee-d and Attacked by Killer Bees

Date: August 13, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (26.28°S, 31.88°E)

Butter, starting to move northward from South Africa up the east side, has experienced even more crazy adventures running marathons in each country. After a long rest period in South Africa, a large part of which was spent visiting safari wildlife, it was off to Botswana where he had to get his hips and knees used to running again.

In Zimbabwe he ran with a friend and client he was coaching named Susan. Most of the run was in the national park near Victoria Falls, and he heard its roar and felt its mist while running. He was also mere feet away from monkeys, impala, kudu, warthogs, and elephants. As a matter-of-fact he fell while looking at the elephants, bruising and bloodying himself but continuing on for the next 24 miles!

Adventures just piled on from that point as he crossed the Victoria Falls bridge into Zambia, accidentally leaving his passport in Zimbabwe! In the same region, on another bridge suddenly people yelled, "get down on the floor!" A swarm of killer bees came 'dive-bombing' toward them.

He had gone to great lengths explaining to us how he would not be doing the Victoria Falls bungee jump because he has an irrational fear of heights. Thus we were all the more shocked when we found out the very next day he had done it.

Finally, he ran a marathon in the tiny country of Swaziland, at a place he said smelled of sweet sugar cane and was a lot like Lesotho, but reletively empty of people.




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