Running the World 196
Running the World 196

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Nick Butter

The Berlin Marathon and a Frayed Achilles

Date: September 21, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (50.08°N, 14.44°E)

After the trials and tribulations of marathon 72 in the Vatican it was on to another tiny country for marathon 73, San Marino, the fifth smallest in the world.

Butter only spent a total of six hours in San Marino, starting at the top of a hill overlooking a misty valley it was 6 miles straight down to begin the run. Once at the bottom it was straight back up along a road full of tight hair-pin bends. During the run Butter found that he was forced to constantly check his map to ensure he hadn't left the country!

Next it was on to Germany to take part in the Berlin Marathon. To get there Butter was forced to take multiple trains across three different countries. Once in Berlin he enjoyed some sight-seeing. He described the Berlin run as a “great example of how to enjoy a marathon”. He cruised round the course and reported no soreness and many enjoyable encounters with the crowds of fellow runners.

The Czech Republic was next, for marathon number 75 in Prague. Running alongside Nik, a 16-year-old trying his first ever marathon, Butter felt in fine form, but only till mile 17. His heel quickly went from sore to barely walk-able, but he was able to hobble over the line with Nik. He hopes that some anti-inflammatory gel and painkillers should aid his frayed achilles and have him back on track in time for marathon number 76 in Austria.


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Running the World 196

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Running the World 196

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