Running the world 196
Running the world 196

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Nick Butter

Battling Sickness, Butter Completes Snowy Runs in Scandinavia and Russia

Date: December 05, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (59.43°N, 24.75°E)

Still suffering from food poisoning, Butter decided to run the gauntlet and stick to his schedule, travelling by train and bus from Oslo to Stockholm, Sweden. Due to a succession of delays, it took him nearly 12 hours to reach his accommodation, but thankfully he was able to hold himself together and avoid any unfortunate toilet-related mishaps.

Butter had just one day off to try and recover before his next marathon. He felt better but was very weak and dehydrated. The continual bathroom trips and vomiting had taken quite a toll on his body, he had lost 4kg in just three days. The next day he decided he was just about strong enough to run, and so he took off for marathon number 90 along the river in Stockholm. Despite being sick a few times on route, he was able to complete the run in frosty, cold conditions.

Next up was Helsinki, Finland. Another cold run but Butter was feeling much better.

On day 328 it was on to St Petersburg, Russia. Here, a friend named Asya had organised a marathon route that would take in plenty of the city's sights. Butter was pleasantly surprised by Russia, except for the “grumpy people and sour faces.”

Marathon 92 was in Tallinn, Estonia. The run started out in brutally cold conditions, but as the distance wore on the wind died down and it started to snow. The heavy snow reminded Butter of childhood skiing holidays and he happily lost himself in these memories as he ran.


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Running the World 196

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Running the World 196

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