Running the World 196
Running the World 196

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Nick Butter

Africa Almost Complete

Date: July 01, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (4.39°N, 18.55°E)

Butter passed another marathon milestone in June, ticking off country number 150 in Cairo, Egypt. His run went smoothly but he was disappointed by Cairo, describing it as “a messy, dirty city.” He was more impressed with the Great Pyramid in Giza and enjoyed getting some tourist snaps of the mighty structure.

From Cairo, Butter was finally able to fly down to Juba, South Sudan. Both Sudan and South Sudan had caused some logistical problems for Butter so he was relieved to get this one done with support from UN staff and the British military. The temperature “wasn't unbearable” and he quickly completed nine laps of the UN compound.

After a brutal 29 hours of travel via Ethiopia, Butter arrived at his next stop, Niamey, Niger. He was joined for marathon 152 by Andy, who was working in the city for a British firm. Andy took Butter on a run out of the city along a long dirt trail. Butter enjoyed the company and a relaxed, peaceful run.

Next up was the capital of Mali, Bamako. Butter had planned another compound run supported by the UN but at the last minute, these plans were cancelled by issues with red-tape and safety procedures. Instead, Butter was supported by a member of staff from his hotel who took him way out of town by motorbike to enjoy a quiet run in the sticks. The helpful staff member went above and beyond, driving behind Butter for the entire run to provide water and keep him safe.

From Bamako, Butter flew on to N’Djamena, Chad. Marathon 154 proved surprisingly easy as Butter “cruised around at seven-minute miles.” Again, he was joined by a local driver to provide support and a safety net.

Butter's final country of this phase (before returning to Asia) would be the Central African Republic. His run in Bangui went well, with local support and pleasant weather.

Butter has seven countries remaining to complete in Africa, but these have proved tricky and he'll be forced to return to finish these at a later date.


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Running the World 196

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