Peddling the Planet
Peddling the Planet

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Vedangi Kulkarni

Rebounding From Australia Food Poisoning, 300+ Mile Cycle Days

Date: August 14, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (33.87°S, 151.20°E)

Kulkarni has crossed Australia, her first continent on the trip, and the north island of New Zealand, but is off to a rough start. She picked up food poisoning which starved her of food and energy for a few days and necessitated a visit to the hospital. Also, she was dogged by visa issues, spending a day dealing with immigration in Canberra. Due to lack of appetite from the poisoning, she had to blast through some days on an empty stomach.

She characterized the first part of her first continent's journey as a road filled with "lots of dead kangaroos and camels". The region of South Australia called the Nullarbor was particularly trying. In addition to headwinds, she also suffered lack of signal (only able to conduct sparse communication), and lack of another sustenance - fruit and vegetables.

In the wake of her starvation from the poisoning, her hunger returned with a vengeance. With renewed energy and a desire to make up lost time, she cycled intense, long stretches, achieving several 500km (311 mile) days, including one day from Mt Gambier to Melbourne where she made 531km (330 miles) in 24 hours. The entire Adelaide to Sydney portion was completed in only 4.5 days.

In total, her crossing of Australia was 3500 miles in 19 days, with 5 wasted days on visa and stomach issues. She subsequently crossed the north island of New Zealand in 2 days and is now on a plane to Vancouver, Canada.


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Pedalling the Planet

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