Pedalling the planet
Pedalling the planet

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Vedangi Kulkarni

“Lucky to be Alive”, Hit by Minibus and Major Storms in Iceland

Date: October 13, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (40.44°N, 3.82°E)

Kulkarni completed her crossing of Canada, Iceland and Portugal and is currently in Spain. She lists many of her adventures and misadventures across Canada which includes being chased by a bear and getting a broken toe.

After crossing Iceland, which has been mostly in the 40's Fahrenheit, she said she was "lucky to be alive". She had no choice but to ride through major storms and says she was hit by a minibus.

She is currently in Spain and needs to make her way to Madrid since it is an antipode requirement in her around-the-world (ATW) journey (New Zealand is home to the other antipode, through which she has already crossed).

Kulkarni expresses that this journey has had countless things go wrong and never-ceasing delays. She claims that, although it now seems that completing the journey in 100 days is no longer an option, the sum-total experience of the journey has given her something valuable she could never have dreamed of. Not only has she had amazing experiences, she says, but she has learned a lot about herself, her own abilities and shortcomings. She is still well-poised to break the record for the fastest ATW cycling of the world by a woman.


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Pedalling the Planet

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Pedalling the Planet

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Pedalling the Planet

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