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Vedangi Kulkarni

Kulkarni Now in Home Country India

Date: December 10, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (12.93°N, 77.57°E)

After crossing a snowy and freezing Russia, Kulkarni is now cycling through her home country of India, Karnataka specifically. 'Around the world' competitive cycling journeys have a few strict guidelines in order to be considered 'around the world' journeys. Air travel in the east-west direction is mostly restricted, yet there are fewer north-south flight constraints. Thus, after Kulkarni made it halfway across Russia to the city of Ufa, she flew directly southward to India.

She says she has less than 3000 km (1864 mi) left to go but is stifled by the heat in the wake of riding in the sub-zero temperatures of Russia. India's notoriously congested traffic has also increased the intensity of the journey. Dealing with it requires her utmost attention, leaving no room for the relaxing long stretches of cycling she enjoyed in other countries.

She is happy to have had some time to spend with family, and she has enjoyed reuniting with the food she loves. She reports that a friend will be re-joining her for the last 2000 km (1243 mi) of her journey.


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