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Sarah Davis

Uganda Complete, S. Sudan Border on Christmas Eve

Date: December 25, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (3.58°N, 32.04°E)

After crossing Lake Victoria by kayak the team was back in a raft to confront a section of challenging white-water rapids downstream from Jinja, Uganda.

Then it was on to cross Lake Kyoga for which the raft became less than ideal on flat water. The team consumed themselves with a 12-hour day on the lake before they could find a spot to camp, well after dark.

Davis expanded on stories about how difficult it had been recently to find landings on which to camp. In many cases, finding such a landing consisted of studying Google Maps and then navigating a long, narrow channel through tall papyrus reeds to tiny villages hidden from the outside world.

After Lake Kyoga, the team made it to the large wildlife reserve, Murchison Falls National Park. Davis enjoyed a little rest and relaxation at the Murchison River Lodge and then saw spectacular wildlife on a day-long safari at the reserve. By Christmas Eve they were elated to have made it to the South Sudan border.


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