Paddle the Nile
Paddle the Nile

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Sarah Davis

Switching to Kayak, On Ugandan Lake Victoria

Date: December 11, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (0.45°N, 33.18°E)

Davis and her guide have now switched from white-water raft to kayak to take her across the serene Lake Victoria - a lake that connects portions of the upper Nile. She has crossed the lake border from Tanzania to Uganda, she has crossed the equator and is now poised to follow the Victoria Nile portion.

She feels a great sense of accomplishment having completed the first leg of the journey - that of the white-water Nile through Rwanda and Tanzania. The leg was extremely challenging, unknown and intimidating and it threw the team a number of surprises.

Out on Lake Victoria, she says she has run into strong headwinds, fishermen who helped so she didn't have to kayak at night, and a guesthouse that surprisingly doubled as a brothel.


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Paddle the Nile

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