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Sarah Davis

Sudan Fanfare and Parties; Extra Boat Providing Security

Date: February 15, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (16.68°N, 33.43°E)

Davis has been feeling the results of taking a month hiatus and then kayaking more than a week straight. She has been struggling with fatigue and blisters. And the beginning of her paddling the Sudanese Nile was characterized by strong headwinds and choppy water.

If any consolation, several high-profile Sudanese made sure she and her team experienced great fanfare. She received a 'welcoming party' at one of her stops by a gentleman who is on the Olympic Committee and head of the Khartoum local youth sports center. Everyone was entertained by musicians and received great local food and hospitality.

Then on February 4th as she approached Khartoum, the capital city, four boats full of people organized by the president of the Sudanese Olympic Committee appeared out of nowhere in a surprise offering of medals to her and those on her team.

Thirdly, Captain Hamza from the Sudanese Rowing and Canoe Club invited her to his cousin's wedding, a celebration of great tradition and dancing in which Davis herself was obliged to dance.

She and her team have also been met by welcoming parties of local people from farms and villages along the way. She remarked that the hospitality she has received in Sudan has been "extraordinary".

Now she continues on through the second, more northern half of Sudan. She is joined by her guide Aimen and by an escort boat providing security and support organized by the Rowing and Canoe Club. She has 930 more miles left to cross in Sudan.


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