Paddle the Nile
Paddle the Nile

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Sarah Davis

Raft Accidentally Careens Over Falls; Reached Lake Victoria

Date: November 27, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (1.26°S, 31.87°E)

Davis and her rafting team of Koa, Paolo and Peter, have been rafting the upper portions of the White Nile through Rwanda and the Kagera portion of Tanzania. This portion is filled with dangerous white-water rapids and deadly hippos.

In one situation, Koa was scouting the river ahead to figure out if a portage was necessary. Suddenly a hippo approached with a threat of attack. With the pressure to escape the hippo and flee on the raft, Koa assured them that the left channel should be fine.

However, once in the raft and through the left channel, the river took them around a blind turn. On the other side was a huge waterfall-like rapid that had not been visible. There was no escaping! They careened over the falls. Davis said it was only luck that prevented them from getting sucked into the hole at the bottom of the falls. She felt the raft get sucked under, buckle and hit the back of her head. Fortunately, it didn't flip. Peter fell off, flailing in the rapids. They continued down more rapids with no idea what was ahead.

Fortunately, it became calmer and they could pull to the side and pull Peter in, all of them full of an adrenaline rush. The video of the rapids misadventure is included in the slideshow.

Davis has become bonded with her three rafting guides, whom she refers to as the 'dream team'. She says it has been great having the local guys expose her to the region's fabulous culture and food wherever they may be along the river.

Hippos have posed more threats but fortunately, there haven't been any more attacks. They have often run into difficulties finding camping spots and have often been sent on extended excursions until sunset just to find a place to sleep.

In their latest post, they report with great fanfare that they have reached Lake Victoria. This is the completion of the challenging, rapid-strewn leg of the journey. They must now navigate the lake north into Uganda.


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