Paddling the Nile

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Sarah Davis

Davis Follows Nile Into Sahara

Date: February 26, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (18.37°N, 33.62°E)

Still in Sudan, Davis has found herself paddling deep into the Sahara Desert. She said it was an "amazing environment" to paddle through and was particularly impressed by how the landscape gradually changed from vegetated southern Sudan to the Sahara. She remarked how camping at night was a particularly amazing experience.

She also took some time out to visit the pyramids of Meroe. Some of the friends she had met from Khartoum drove approximately 100 miles to meet her.

Davis also commented on how hospitable the local people have been on her trip through Sudan. She was often offered fish from fishermen and was offered a bed to sleep in and food in just about every place she visited.


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