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Paul Salopek/Out of Eden, Bhavita B/Out of Eden

Saving India’s Wild-spaces, but at what cost?

Date: May 18, 2019
Approximate GPS Location: (25.69°N, 86.06°E)

Salopek has continued along the Buddha trail through Bihar state, India. With walking partner Bhavita Bhatia he has observed how India is struggling to protect its last natural areas.

As India's population approaches 1.4 billion the need to protect natural resources is greater than ever, but only 5% of the sprawling country is marked as protected land. As the government attempts to expand or create national parks, there is often a hidden cost: the eviction and relocation of the local population. Salopek calls these people “green refugees” and they are often from the lowest strata of India's caste society.

Day after day Salopek and Bhatia now continue onwards across Bihar and toward India's eastern boundaries.


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