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Paul Salopek

Salopek Walks Into India

Date: May 11, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (31.61°N, 74.57°E)

Salopek makes it across the 1947 partition between Pakistan and India, also known as the border at Wagah. He bid farewell to his walking partner, Naveed Khan (hunzaonfoot.com tours) and to another friend of his.

In his last days in Pakistan he was invited to a wedding and asked by his female hosts to wear a shalwar kameez, a traditional outfit and national costume, whereas all the other men at the wedding wore Western suits.

He also visited a timber market in Lahore where he observed a man stomping his feet on clay to make tandoori clay ovens.

Salopek states that in his entire 636 miles walking across Pakistan he encountered very few foreigners. This is something he attributes to international fears of terrorism, religious extremism and military coups. He likened it to if one were to judge America only by it's gun violence. He reports that contrary to popular understanding, the Pakistanis he encountered were exceptionally generous and polite.


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