Out of Eden
Out of Eden

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Paul Salopek, Sid Agarwal, Out of Eden

Salopek Makes it to Jaipur But Donkey, Raju, Dies in His Arms

Date: September 12, 2018
Approximate GPS Location: (26.89°N, 75.65°E)

Salopek continues through the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, encountering temperatures of 111-113°F, but making it to the well-known Indian city, Jaipur.

He visited Kalibangan where he observed grounds laden with pottery shards from the 4000 year old Indus River Civilization, one of the oldest yet most advanced. He examines the civilization in a recent article linked to the site.

He also visited the Kuchaman City fortress, a 9th century relic, and he walked the old stone road to Jaipur where he visited the salt plains and observed salt farmers.

He is joined by a new walking guide, Siddharth Agarwal. We also have word that his tireless but earless donkey, Raju, died in Salopek's arms, heaving from a fever of unknown origin.


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