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Paul Salopek / Out of Eden

Over 12,000 miles in, Salopek Approaches Chengdu

Date: August 15, 2022
Approximate GPS Location: (30.58°N, 104.06°W)

Salopek’s steady progress through China has brought him into the heart of the country. In our last update, together with his walking partners, Salopek hiked through the Tibetan Autonomous County of Muli. Since then, he has been walking through Sichuan, through more snowy mountain passes, and through old agricultural areas that have been abandoned and are now rewilding naturally.

Salopek shared videos of a slippery climb through one "new" forest, a view from Sichuan’s mountains, and researchers uncovering an ancient idol from an archaeological dig.

Salopek also updated us on his total distance covered. The Out of Eden walk has now covered a colossal 12,640 miles, of which 10,559 miles have been on foot and the remainder consists of “cargo ship hops across the Red and Caspian seas.”

Emerging from the mountains, Salopek is now approaching the city of Chengdu.




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